Tide Preview

            10 KEYS TO ROLLING THE TIDE:


  1. MINIMIZE PENALTIES – We came into the Arizona State game averaging ten penalties a game. Corrections not made: We had twelve in the desert and the Devil did not make us do it and it was not the refs fault. Mental errors cost teams championships. I can accept a penalty or three for rough play, but this looks like an Achilles heel.
  2. AVOID TURNOVERS – We have been putting the ball on the rug and picking it back up or falling on it. Luck will run out if we keep fumbling, and the key to a close game – of which we have had just one this season – is generally turnover margin. Stafford has thrown zero interceptions this year, which is, you know, pretty darn good for four complete games.
  3. FEED THE BEAST – Thirty touches a game for Moreno. Not 20 or 25…30.
  4. FEED THE FREAK – AJ Green is an athlete with the kind freakish skills that can win games.
  5. AVOID THE MONSTER – Some say their man in the middle weighs a full 400 pounds. Keep him off our talent because he is (always) hungry.
  6. COVER KICKS BETTER – We have been abysmal at this, and Javier Arenas is probably the most dangerous returner in the nation.
  7. PRESSURE JOHN PARKER WILSON – He has played well and needs some big ugly junkyard Dawg heat up in his pretty boy three name having mug.
  8. HELP ASHER WITH JULIO – Julio is another AJ Green, and Asher is giving up a half foot to him. This may be a tough matchup for him, unless R. Jones can roll over and knock Julio into another dimension.
  9. CONTAIN THEIR BACKS – Bama always runs the ball well, and we must protect this house.
  10. PLAY WELL LATE – We have played well early, but not very often and definitely not late. We need to be able to sustain drives in the fourth quarter for the victory because this may come down to a kick.