We played like children – they played like men

We left Stafford in WAY, WAY, WAY too long – three series, at least

Cox deserved a shot sooner

Moreno had 17 carries and needed 30 for us to (I won’t even say win here) compete

I may be changing the name of my website to fire Coach Mark Richt Dot Com if we continue to fail to show up for two big games per season

Any of you that say that was just a game, clearly have no idea what you just witnessed

The GAY-TORS are competing for a NATIONAL TITLE, for 2 National Titles in 3 Seasons

Greene won the SEC Title only once – Shockley won the SEC Title once

At most, Stafford will win the SEC Title once. He’ll be back next season – THAT WAS HIS WORST CAREER GAME IN MY OPINION – Richt should have yanked him. He was gimpy, yet made some great passes, like he always does. Thing is, he was way off on the three picks that eliminated us from any chance of competing – He never put the team in the endzone

We got whipped: THEY SCORED 49

We whipped ourselves: 4 turnovers, a botched and ill-timed onside kick, 2 short missed field goals

Blair Walsh should have had his scholarship yanked and been spanked after he doubly shanked – What a sissy

Richt coached like a sissy, too: That onside kick was a sign of a desperate coach expecting to lose

To our “fans,” If you go to UGA games and leave early, I do not like you (PERIOD!!!) Sit through wins, sit through defeats. Watch football games. Show loyalty to OUR school, program, state…ALWAYS!!!

But this…was a HUGE Loss!!!

We have played three true quality opponents and been crushed by two – and the other scored and scored and scored…

BAMA led us 31-0, we beat but could not stop LSU and then THIS – we got beat by around 50 in the biggest game of the season and have been relegated to second tier in the SEC and the SEC East

There is no quick recovery from a game like this

Don’t kid yourself: we are no longer even a major national program – NOT TODAY, NOT THIS SEASON…We started number one. It turned out to be a joke. We were WAY overrated!!!

Moreno and Stafford will probably come back next year and we maybe, finally do win the SEC again and re-establish the program…but I have to predict knowing our coaches and history, that we drop a game or two along the way…and it will hurt, It will hurt like this, it will hurt.