Dawgs Survive On The Plains

Three-in-a-row over a rival, five-out-of-seven over a rival, never felt so treacherous. They were deep in DAWGS’ territory late with a chance to win, as Kentucky was, as S. Carolina was and we won. As bad as our defense has been, this season could have been much worse. They have bent but not broken against all but the finest of competition. We can’t do anything about the Bama game or the Florida game now. We are 9-2 and disappointed. That is the hallmark of a team that expects big things: disappointment in anything less than perfection. Did we fall short? Yes. Did we fall short against a rather game Auburn team on the road in windy conditions. NOT TODAY! We won and now we have a bye week to get ready for our in-state rival. We will win eleven games this year…and one of those victories will be over you, North Ave Trade Scool Yella Jackets. GO DAWGS!!!