A rebuilding year

Florida and Tennessee beat us so badly it felt like old times. We was robbed by them dern refs in the LSU game. Okie State was a road test we were unprepared for. The Kentucky debacle was a tough give away more than an actual defeat. And count ’em up: We dropped a total of 5 football games and 3 defensive coaches took pink slips.

We won 7 other games but TECH was the only the real high: We are state champs, per usual and the Jack its are on a 2 game skid after talking about a National Title. Delusional GEEKS < Them DAWGS.

Winning in the desert was kinda cool, we’ve beaten Aubie 5 years in a row in the South’s Oldest Rivalry, and we did beat my grandpappy’s school in a little bowl. But otherwise, that was a rebuilding year ‘Tween the Hedges.

By year’s end, we found a solid immediate future in an all-coming-back ground game. And AJ Green is the best receiver to ever wear a “G” on his helmet. 10 of 11 offensive starters will be back to jump offsides and commit more penalties…or maybe not. Maybe a QB will step in and lead a solid offense to double digit wins. Maybe a 3-4 will serve us better and leave less gaps on defense, because we have had plenty of obvious holes the past 2 seasons.

Let’s look back: 2 years ago we finished #10 in the nation. 3 years ago we finished an underrated #2. All good programs have bad years. It’s what they do to correct it, and I believe in Coach Mark Richt. You either do too, or you haven’t been paying close enough attention. That was his worst year in 9, and he never suffered a season like that at FSU. He simply won’t stand for losing, and neither will we. After all, WE ARE GEORGIA!!! We expect to win every game every year save Florida, and they are the ones rebuilding in 2010. Win the Cocktail Party and whip lil Dooley and the East will be ours. Bama won’t be what they were, but should make it back to lose to us in the SEC Title game.

That’s right: I’m calling for another SEC Title in 2010….

This time we do it with Power Football.

History says: When UGA runs well, we win, big time.

Trivia: Who won more SEC Titles as a starting QB, Tebow or DJ Shockley?

Answer: They both won only one.