Can Grantham Coach On The Fly?

When former defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder was giving a double thumbs up on the sideline, GEORGIA had finally developed a rugged defense full of future NFL studs. His real strength as a coach was halftime adjustments. We would give something up in the first half of games and then absolutely stone teams in the second. If the offense – then coached by Mark Richt – came through with twenty+ total points, we would generally win. We won a whole lot of games with Van Gorder as coordinator. Since he left, things have not been close to the same. We still attract top talent to play at UGA. And Willie Martinez ran a slight variation of the exact same defensive scheme as Brian Van Gorder, yet he was unable to position and motivate our young men to regularly stop the bleeding. Good offensive coaches will game plan against your defensive attack and have some early success against you if they have the talented squads to produce, and in the SEC they definitely do. Ability to adjust is what wins games. We will have a ball control offense this season and great special teams that can shorten games and fields to our advantage. The real question is not just one of defensive aggression. Will Todd Grantham be able to motivate when the battle is at hand? Will he be able to make the halftime adjustments understood and implemented to turn a tough first half into a victory, time after time? I sat right behind him for the first half of the G-Day game, and he was vocally nonplussed when his first unit D gave up the only touchdown that they yielded all day. But he didn’t just yell and cuss, he coached them up technique-wise. It was a lasting first impression he made on me as a fan, alum, writer. I thought to myself: He has the fire and intensity to lead our young men to victory. If he can coach on the fly like that weekly, we will win big again.