Running Down (a Dream?)

I was right to think that UGA could have been good last season. Ealey and King are talented running backs and Green was the most polished offensive player in the country, so he could stretch defenses to make huge holes for them. The nightmare began with all three having various suspensions and the running backs playing hot potato with the football at times that cost us games. Message to Mike Bobo: tiny Carlton Thomas as lead runner heading straight up the middle will never work. So, we had a bad running game. Flash back a year prior, big Richard Samuel beat out the lack of heart having Caleb King for the starting tailback spot and then proceeded to break zero tackles. He was demoted to the pine and then relegated to defense. Ken Malcome’s 40 yards on 20 carries in UGA’s opening scrimmage are an indication of his breakaway abilities. Then, we have the pup. Dream Teamer Isaiah Crowell singly represents our chances for a successful season at Georgia. All good teams at UGA throughout our storied history – and nearly all good teams in SEC history – have been able to run the ball really well and break tackles and move the chain. We have a statistical threat at quarterback entering his third full season on campus and second year as a starter. But it is up to Crowell to carry much of the load of responsibility. And it is asking a whole lot from a freshman to be a leader. Name the last great frosh runner at UGA: a clue is his initials are H.W.