Heading South

The University of Georgia, the nation’s oldest state chartered public university, was founded in 1785. We were busy inventing the American public university model 60 years before Florida was even a state.

The top two academic public universities in the SEC (Vandy, also strong academically, is the only private institution in the world’s greatest college football conference) play Saturday at what the politically correct-ers would like us to no longer call the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

But, it is. There is the Landing, Jax Beach, Amelia Island, the house parties out in the not so distant suburbs and right smack on the bank of the river, Florida RV City, Georgia RV City, bridges connecting it all. It’s large.

The game itself is diminished by the unranked 4-3 teams, but it matters. Georgia is going for a ten-game series advantage, three straight and .500 over a ten-year run.

Compare and contrast that with losing 18-of-21. Or winning almost every year in the 1980s. This is so much more of a real rivalry right now, because we don’t know who will win each year anymore. Winner still alive to have a decent year this year; loser just .500 on the campaign two-thirds of the way through the regular season, after each having won more than ten games the year prior (UGA 12-2, UF 11-2).

I’ve had some great times on J-ville trips, especially on the Friday nights before the game. And I have had some bottom barrel low downs, especially the year I went and tried to party hard even though I had a concussion (from skateboarding), and also the year we went 13-1, those 15 minutes after Terrence Edwards dropped what could have been the key touchdown pass. Been to three total games there; we went 0-3. Also saw us get drowned by the best Gator team ever in Athens, which was bad.

The times have changed. The game Saturday at 3:30, it matters.

Vandy stunned a flat Georgia in Nashville, when UGA was last seen. A week before that, the longest home winning streak in the SEC was halted at fifteen by upstart Mizzou. Florida dropped two consecutive, too, and boasts an equally depleted roster of misfit parts. Some talent remains for the Orange and Blue, especially on the top SEC D.

But they have no Gurley. He is the best football player on either whole roster, even if every athlete was healthy. GEORGIA is still undefeated this year in full games he plays. A good running game can hide a whole heck of a lot of glaring problems, which is what we have. Floridians, Murray and Richt, understand that he’s the man at Georgia.

Give The Beast The Ball!