12-Team CFP Imminent

12-Team CFP Imminent

Han Vance on college football: the expansion I’ve been loudly calling for since before the ineffective current CFP started won’t happen this season or next but should be approved for the 2023 American college football season. This system seeks to have the in-power lose the least existing benefits, while rewarding more ranked teams and more conference champions.

The season is currently too short, considering after only a three-month season – with way too much fluff – we all wait around a month for our bowl games. Then kids opt out.

The week after the conference championships, still intact, will be an off week or, less likely, there will be a longer break after the first round of the first ever legitimate College Football Playoffs. Within two weeks of the league title tilts, you will get the home-away playoffs round!

There won’t be so long with nothing but talk. It will mattter more for all fans and much more for a dozen schools, and all the bowls still live.

Still a top 4: The top six ranked conference champions by rule would automatically get in, with the top 4 getting a bye. It will usually be the Power 5 and American Conference champs. The six other teams in will have no conference restrictions, as the six highest-ranked not conference champs would complete the field. Coastal Carolina and Cincy would have joined the top four SEC teams this year, plus Notre Dame and Iowa State and Indiana, Ohio State and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma – who won the Big-12 – had a better resume than Notre Dame, who beat Clemson when Clemmy was hurt and had no title. Here, OU gets rewarded ahead of ND. Leagues matter.

In college, the regular season will still matter. Right now, not every game matters. Cupcakes and mismatches happen. Home playoffs would be awesome: 12 will play at 5; 11 at 6; 10 at 7; 9 at 8. Two-loss Georgia would’ve more fairly played at undefeated Cincy instead of waiting a month to host the American champs in Atlanta at the Peach. Different result? Quite possibly. That was the closest win of the Kirby era, all things considered (barely made it in position for a 53-yard win-or-lose field goal).

This is when you’d usually have no biggest classification football on at all. No games to attend. Imagine a someday home playoffs Between the Hedges, instead of nothing but waiting.

Bowl season: the quarterfinals would feature eight teams alive in the playoffs: the four teams who were voted to get a bye (still need the mighty committee, that means, you see) and the four hot teams who won a playoff game already.

Think on this: the championship games were way back around Dec 4th, and only one game (per each playoff school) needed to be played before this next game recommencement at 12/31 to 1/2. Plenty of rest. And the top 4 is still doing about what they were, they just didn’t know their opponents upcoming the whole time. Lesser bowls still happen, and the four big bowls matter much more. (CHEEZ-IT BOWL SURVIVES.)

Final Four: The Semifinals are new huge neutral site games played around 1/8. Compare this to your usual nothing then, where you often have a 10 day or more hype break after the CFP first round, often at least one of two was a bad game blowout too, until the Natty. The teams don’t need that break.

You can’t afford to make it to every game? That’s ok. Pick your spots. More money made, more football to watch, less stupid and useless breaks, more fun.

And fairness, finally.

The Natty: around the 15th. You extended the season one week.