Today my readership on this here brand spanking new website of mine will go over 1,785…and what a year that was. The first state chartered public University opened its doors. Public College? What a concept. So, we started this thing, and we are chugging right along in 2008. Life is a song that carries us along. Hail to Georgia. Glory to Georgia. Geor-gia…Geor-gia. Georgia on my mind today, and THE flagship school plays Floor-duh in baseball this weekend. We invented American public college while they were still a part of Spain. [North Carolina and Georgia have a wee bit of beef because UNC had a charter before we did (1783) – we had a school first (1785 vs. 1787) – WE ARE OLDEST! You were just a bunch of talk, UNC, like your hoops’ fans, a bunch of talk. We went out and did it.] Nobody has dared to talk louder than the yankees and rednecks and johnny-come-lately nouveau riche idiots that clamor about the MIGHTY GATORS. Historically speaking, Gators, you aren’t exactly BAMA. You won your first football title in the SEC in the 1990’s, just yesterday. You have 2 National Titles in basketball and 2 in football. Kudos for a nice run but you do not stand above this conference…and we aim to prove it to you. We will score 40 points on you again in football, count on it. You will lose. But this is baseball season. And we must play at your little sweat box in your little ugly as hell swamp this weekend. Nothing Classic about Gainesville, nor very Urban. Our last 3 SEC series saw us go 8-0-1, so I do expect us to drop a game to you. I understand the law of averages. This is baseball. I say we win 2 of 3, taking another series. This one from our overall biggest rival. And all you Mighty Gators that say football is all that matters, check the series’ history for a lesson in Doggie Doiminance. F**k Florida.