How ’bout them games?

Just wanted to get you all lathered up like me when I’m liquored up and them Dawgs are up!

Chomp at the Bit – Foam at the Mouth – Bark like a DAWG (right now in your offices): 

The Cocktail Party – Stafford vs. Tebow II and now they Know we love to run the ball. Load that box.

Georgia at LSU – We were better than them last year, and they won it all. Bigtime Battle on the Bayou as we Bash Bengals.

Tennessee at Georgia – They are going for win 4 out of 5; they scored like 50 on us 2 years in a row. We must win this game.

Georgia at ‘Zona State – They were a top flight team last year, and it’s like in the desert, man.

Georgia at Carolina – Spurrier’s Columbia Cocks dared to beat royal us last year. Glad Van Gorder (already) left.

BAMA at Georgia – History. Bama is history. We are the team of the now. Power of now is DAWGS.

And that is just our top six games and does not mention Georgia at Auburn in the Oldest Rivalry in the South or Tech and Southern at Georgia in battles for state supremacy…GET FIRED UP, y’all.

“2008 is the Date” Copyright (C) 2008 HV