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Joe Tereshinski


The Third


J T Three


Wore Number 13


At Georgia


Our Best Special Teams’ Player


And Backup Quarterback


His Fourth Season


On Campus


He Started Only One Game


That Year




The Cocktail Party


He Made One


Phenomenal Play


He Dove Pitching the Ball


To The Running Back


The Running Back


Threw To Him


He Split Two Defenders


High In The Air


Then Dove For A




Our Only That Day


We Lost



Next Year


He Was A Fifth Year Senior


Not Just That


He Is Third Generation


Georgia Football Player


His Grandpa Played


His Dad Played


And Works For The Program


So, JT III Beat Out


The Younger Guys


He Was Named The Starter


He Struggled Some


He Got Hurt


He Came Back For Tennessee


Big Game


We Were Unbeaten


He Played A Phenomenal


Half Of Football


Then Fell Apart


In The Second Half


And Never Played Again


Life Aint Always Easy