Big Goof is football edge art

Before The 4th Level Was Built

Up On The 3rd Level

Sun Side

This Fat Fucker

He Hit Me With His Ballcap And Called Me A “Big Goof”

I Had Not Removed

My Hat For The Flag

It Sort Of Slipped

My Mind

My Mind Was Busy

I Was With My Dad

It Was Right After 9-11

But It Didn’t Seem

It Didn’t Feel Like

Sympathy And Patriotism

Were The Consensus

Emotions In The Crowd

At The Time, War, The

Will For And Want For

The Mass Destruction

Of Others, Nameless,

Faceless, Others

Was In The Air

So I Accidentally Missed

The Hat Removing Aspect Of The Event

Thinking About That

How That Felt

And Having My Dad

With Me – The Very

Man Who Taught Me The Word “Patriotism”

Added To The Emotion

It Was A Mistake

“WHACK” said the hat

There Was A Whole Frat Of These Obnoxious, Young, Drunk, Redneck Fratboys

That Had Been Cussing And Drinking Bourbon – Which Can Be Fine

But They Were Spitting Tobacco And Spilling Shit. They Sucked. They Were Idiots.

So, I Wasn’t Trying To Do ANYTHING  With Their

Inbred Hick Bone Republican Business School Asses, Not Today. I Was With My Dad.

I Broke With Them, Period

Dude, I Once Threw A

Fucking Hot Dog With

Extra Fucking Mustard

On A White Polo Dress Shirt 

Dude Was Wearing A Fucking Tie

And My Hot Dog

They Had Showed Up

And Asked Us To Move

Johnny and Jami and Lynn and Me

We Did – But I Didn’t Like It

Not One Bit

And I Accidentally Dropped My

Wiener On This Dick’s Fucking Shirt

His Mom Had Bought Him That Shirt

To Wear To Games

I Said: “Sorry”

We Moved

But That Was A Different Day

This Day I Wanted To Fight

I Wanted To Smash That Fat Fucker

It Took All The Strength

I Had Not To Fight

We Were Beating Arkansas

An Old SouthWest Conference Team

And I Knew Dad Would Get A Kick Out Of It

We Would Probably Win

I Had Brother Backup, Too

That Only Made Me Want

To Fight More

Dawgs Won

I Held It In