Football Season Starts Now



We finished number two in the nation in baseball and football during the 2007-2008 school year.


That was a whole lot of mixed emotions, a whole lot of glory and achievement and grit and heart, a whole lot of “what could have been” lingering feelings. In football, we went out with a Sugar Bowl blowout over Hawaii. Then we watched as a notably non-dominant SEC Champion LSU squad – one that had gone four and two over their last six regular season games – was allowed to play for it all in Louisiana against an overmatched Ohio State team that drops a bowl game almost every year. The Buckeyes were trounced and would probably not have finished in the top four of the SEC. They were much better the year before when they were completely destroyed in the title game by the then SEC Champion Florida Gators. Can the SEC win three titles in a row?


In baseball they – novel idea here – settle it on the field. And we have nothing to complain about. Sure, we played our Red-and-Black hearts out to get to the College World Series in Omaha. Sure, we won our first three games in Omaha while others struggled. Sure, we came from behind to win game one of a best of three finals series and were up by five runs early in game two. We simply did not get it done. Our utter collapse in game two of the finals somehow reminded me of the Atlanta Braves losing so much momentum to the New York Yankees with one Jim Leyritz swing that both franchises were indelibly changed. All-American shortstop Gordon Beckham bent a solo homer in game three, and that was it for our offense, our season and our national title. It did not happen for us, and the better team won fair and square and our talent exodus is great.


The good news: IT IS FOOTBALL SEASON! It is summer in Georgia, and before this cooker of a season is over you will see the University of Georgia Bulldogs play college football again.