not very thick

Not Very Thick (C) 2008 HV


How thin is the line between awful and excellent? Not very thick at all. Georgia-Vandy replay. Remember this: Dawgs were on the cusp of crumbling. Coming off a whitewashing from the Orange, at Vandy, it was ugly. Lose to Vandy two years in a row and the “fire the Head Coach” talk starts.


Moreno with over a hundred yards, but the commoners in football known as Commodores were up 17-14. Fourth Quarter. 6:15 left.


Field Goal, UGA, 17-17. Vandy one play later was in UGA territory.


Under 3 minutes, inside the ten, Gamble strips the ball. Ellerbe recovers.


We drive, we kick, we win.


Lose that game and we would not have had the confidence to beat Florida or Auburn. We beat them both by double digits. We won out and played with so much dominance that the “we deserve a shot at the National Title game” talk would emanate from me.