Worry about them all

Georgia Southern – It will be hot and fatigue can lead to injury.

C. Michigan – We must learn our spread lessons here.

S.Carolina – Captain and the Brinkleys play good D. Columbia is usually a tough win.

Arizona State – They have a top coach and the talent to beat us unless we are on.

Alabama – The most storied program in football history pushed by a master motivator.

Tennessee – They point blank own us right now and have won 4 of 7 East crowns.

Vanderbilt – Two years; one lucky win. Ultimate sandwich game.

LSU – The National Champions have heard all our barking. DEATH VALLEY.

Florida – We are planning to beat them in back-to-back years, claiming 3 of 5.

Kentucky – What an opportunity for a letdown.

Auburn – Do you really think we can own our sister school forever?

Tech – They have a song about us and may not choke forever.