Gameweek is always special

Monday is different this week. You went to your crummy office and read the net and sports page with a little more interest – Gameweek is always special, is it not? We play our drunken neighbors to the south this week. I once tailgated with their NCAA Compliance Director and his wife and son. His son was the first kid I met at UGA. He grew up below the gnat line and got out. He loved Athens but was never much for games. I WAS but we were still very good friends. So, anyway, his stupid girlfriend passes him her cocktail as we enter Sanford. Not before we enter, as we enter. He gets busted and kicked out and makes a scene at the gate. His dad does not have the pull to fix it and is about to head off to sit with Dr. Adams. My date (wife at time) and I quietly walked away. What could we do? Dawgs won.