Comcast was unable to broadcast the pay-per-view game in part of the Cobb County area. This is the third time ever and twice in two years that we have been unable to order the game from them due to server…


Playing Like Number One We punt But then they punt Touchdown To wind down the half There’s not much time left It’s 24 to nothing, like 24 Knowshon? And we do

Playing Like Number One

We score twice. Try our young talent, then put the backups in. Samuel beat King for number 2 and Cox is already in; good to see Cox in. Samuel fumbles. We STOP them; Ellerbe with a pick. We go and…

Blair Walsh with a 53 yard kick

ten to nothing


Southern received ball in endzone Two drops A broken up shuttle pass Punt Moreno with a long run Pass to new young stud AJ Green to the one Moreno…TOUCHDOWN In other news: Comcast has been unable to provide service to…