Comcast was unable to broadcast the pay-per-view game in part of the Cobb County area. This is the third time ever and twice in two years that we have been unable to order the game from them due to server problems on their end. Scott chatted on the net with their representative: “Frustration does not belong to explain…” 

Nothing. Radio. Larry, sounding old and being loved. The sounds but not sights of UGA VII. We played like a number one team in the first half. Read the highlights in a few below blawgs if you missed anything.

Tom talked to his mom on vacation in Destin – she happened to be on vacation with the mom of a Comcast Executive. We were called from someone who worked for him who then had a tech call us and override the pay-per-view. We got the second half free.

Dawgs were way up by then, but heck if we weren’t glad to see Knowshon and Stafford and Green and King and Cox and Durham really look good. We have a deep offensive team. The Eagles made it look respectable with three late scores. We scored forty-five, which is around what we were hitting most of the last half of last season. We were up 38-0 at one point. 

At least, we got the game, finally, so I won’t be needing to firebomb Comcast. The season is under way and the Number One DAWGS whipped our way down south friends. Thank God for friends.