We Drop Without Losing…Again

We drop without losing again. Was Georgia a token number one in the eyes of many of the voters? Look, what happened to our team last season was unprecedented in the history of college football. We won out once Moreno cracked the starting lineup and rose in the polls to where only W.Virginia and Ohio State were ahead of us. W. Virginia lost to Pitt and instead of rising to second place, we dropped to seventh, while LSU was given our place in the poll by virtue of winning the SEC. They had gone 4-2 in their previous six regular season games and had the same number of losses that we did. The big difference: they play in the SEC West, a much weaker half last season, and they won the conference without playing us. They lost late season games to the non-powerhouses at Kentucky and Arkansas and two weeks later were gifted a home game for the National Title against an overmatched “THE Ohio State” Suckeyes.

Now USC has outplayed us in a blowout of a down year Virginia mainly differing from our blowout over GA Southern in that we let off the gas after going up 38-0. They rolled to fifty and we dropped to second place in the AP poll.

Early National Title peak: The winner of USC/Ohio State versus the winner of Georgia/Florida. But what of Texas and Oklahoma – keep an eye on the Sooners in the polls. They blow people out, which is obviously still what the pollsters vote for, especially early in the season.