what we need to do

I have now watched the Carolina game 3 times (Yes, I am crazy). Resultant, I know what we need to do to fix our glaring offense problems. And as much as just winning is everything and as delusional as our fanbase loves to be – we really do have problems. A better and more confident team than the Lamecocks would have beaten us soundly, and we very well could have lost that game. They found a way to lose a big game, which is what they do. It is not what much of this conference does. Thank you, defense, thank you. But it ain’t just defense that wins championships. Going undefeated wins championships (usually). Play like that against Auburn, Bama, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, and we would end up with five SEC losses. These are similiar to the problems I pointed out after the Carolina game last year. We got them fixed too late then (after Tennessee crushed our faces for the second year in a row). Arizona State would love a scoring fest with us, so this is a good week to play well on offense against an actual major state school.

A. Create feature receivers by featuring them. Here is the list of wideouts we are playing at crucial points in games: 1. Massaquoi, 2. Green, 3. Durham, 4. Goodman, 5. Moore, 6. Wilson, 7. Troupe, 8. King. And Kenneth Harris was actually listed as a starter before getting hurt. The reason no pro team ever plays that many guys is that it is a bad idea. We don’t need to go three deep at all three wideout positions in every game. King should have been redshirted. I say play those top two a bit more and maybe the next best three as shown in practice. Receivers need reps to dominate and timing with the QB is crucial.

B. Avoid Penalties. 10 a game. Are you kidding me? Offensive line must stay on sides and play POWER FOOTBALL. They’ve shown some good signs. The Defensive penalties are more a result of rough, aggressive play – which is what we want.

C. Stop dropping passes. Tripp your hands are on line two. CATCH THE BALL OR SIT ON THE BENCH!!!

D. Run Stafford less or differently. That play got really old after working twice. Now, everyone in the country has seen it…five times.

E. Play Caleb King a little more. We have a feature back finally this year – Thank God – and both of his back-ups are good. But is Samuel really deserving of that many more carries than King? King seems to be more of a spark when he oh so rarely gets in.

F. Moreno needs 30 touches per game. Not 15 or 20…30. Every game. He is a workhorse and will be in the NFL next year. Let’s work that horse while we can. He wants the ball almost every play. Give it to him 30 times a game, and we should win every game.