watchin’ the enemy

Bama and GA Tech are teams of early note that are rollin’ and reckin’… Both are playing SEC West teams – both are winning 21-0. We need to handle our desert business, then it’ll be time to turn our attention to the Tide. (Athens…at night!!!) And by season’s end, it looks like Tech will be a formidable foe. Paul Johnson and Nick Saban are both really good coaches. At 3:30 on CBS, Florida plays UT in Neyland in the game formerly known as the SEC East Championship. In other action, it’s Auburn versus LSU tonight in a series dominated by the home team – this year that’s Aubie: “War Dumb Eagle.” TOP 6 SEC TEAMS: Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Bama – Only UT has lost a game and is not in the top 10 in the nation. Their backs are firmly against the wall, which seems to be the only time Fat Phil has them really ready to play anymore. Too bad they can’t both lose.