over at half-time

The desert is cool at night. The Sun Devils were stunned by the passion of our loyal fanbase and the far superior talent at Georgia. The setting was scenic and it was good TV…for a half. And good football…by us. Knowshon? Now they do. Two touchdowns for the man who should never have been redshirted regardless of whom we had on campus with eligibility. His freshman year he was probably the best player on the team; we lost four games that year including to Vandy and Kentucky. Hate to be critical after we just completed a one-third perfect season on the heels of a half perfect season, but that is just plain bad coaching. Knowshon does not really know defeat. How many has he lost a starter – NONE. He now has nine touchdowns in four games, with two more tonight. But undeniably the story of the game was this: true freshman AJ Green had one hundred and fifty yards receiving in the first half: He is point-blank our go to guy in the air from here on out. We have won eleven straight games.

Read my comments from after breaking down the Carolina film if you have any silly doubts as to whether I know this better than anyone you have ever met or seen on tv. I AM THE DAWGNOSTICATOR.

Bring it on, TIDE. We are going for four wins in a row against you.