The Black Hole (South)

I Wake Early On The Morn


Of A Big Game


Hoping Not To Add A “U”


To The Word Or An “L”


To The Column




Larry Is Gone


But Never Ever Forgotten And


Heaven Awaits When He


Really Goes. Chill Bumps


When Writing Of The Legend


Coffee, Pasta, Water


Early Enough For An


Untraditional Breakfast


Classical Music, Poetry


Tortellini, Olives


Capers, Tomatoes


Tang Me Awake


Because Hell If I Can Sleep. Stop.


Say This. Larry


Munson – I LOVE YOU


Start. Game Day, 5:30 AM


And I’ve Been Up For An Hour


Perhaps A Shower


Then Black, Black, Black


As We Go For A Dozen




We Are Playing The


Most Storied Of All


Southern Football Programs


Tonight, First 10AM


Will Come – College Gameday


The Sun Also Rises


And Then Time With


My Loved Ones, My Sons


Then The Sun Sets


Ready. Set. Hut.


Take It From Here ACDC


Take It From Here, Larry


Because I’ll Always Hear You


I Channel You, Always, And


An Impression Of Munson


Is Pointless, Not Priceless


Larry’s Words Are Worth


And We Have A


Damn Fine School, Town


State, Coach


AD, Team


Alums, Fans – God


Bless Our Drunken


Fans. May They Hear


The Chapel Bell


A Ringin’ Tonight


May We Win This Fight


Win One For Larry!!!