Dawgs nicely positioned

GEORGIA is in the eleven hole in both major polls (11th in one, tied for 10th in the other). The only team with a loss above us is USC – still the dominant team in their weak conference and a probable BCS team. Unlike the Men of Troy, we have not shown that we will probably play in the BCS because we have a loss and play in the SEC. Bama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and Auburn are all still strong candidates for the National Title game, should any of the aforementioned finish the season as a one-loss SEC Champ. Two losses would probably – again that word that the BCS bowl system keeps us saying – eliminate the conference champ from the big game. Only once has a team made the title tilt with two losses, and I regard that LSU team from last year as one of the weakest champions of all-time. Bama or LSU could still go undefeated this year. They won’t. Look for a one-loss SEC Champ to play an undefeated Big 12 Champ or one-loss USC. BYU has by far the longest winning streak in the nation and is a lock for the BCS should they win out. I look for them to drop either the TCU or Utah game. Had TCU beaten Oklahoma – which has happened twice in recent history – the door would have been opened for the Fighting Mormons to win the National Title for the second time in school history because the Mt. West has the best record in head-to-heads against BCS schools of any conference this year!!! That blowout by Oklahoma was a pivotal game in their quest for respect, and they failed. It actually cost BYU more than it did TCU, big picture. Moreno may miss the Vols game, but I look for a motivated Georgia team to crush their face, regardless.