Vol Week

Luster lost?

We are not number one and are looking up at the Vandy Commodores in the SEC East as we near the mid-point of the season. UT has no offense this time around, or at least, not much of one outside of a few good backs and a solid O-line. They have historically circled the wagons better than most. That has been the mark of the exact level of success they have obtained and maintained as a program outside of one stellar year and one down year: consistency and an unwillingness to suffer through too many losses per year.  They have not been world beaters, but Fat Phil has had them ready to win when they have had to. The wheels have remained on the Big Orange machine. They have to win this game. They won’t because three-in-a-row against us can be done by none, and we won’t drop two ballgames in a row, and we are 9-1 coming off a bye week. Losing our last game actually plays to our advantage in this game. No we won’t be winning them all this year. We will simply be winning this ballgame, which is how our thought process works every week from here on out.