Not This Time



We “Colt McCoyed” that previously BIG orange ass this time around and took back all of the momentum that we had let slip in the series. KILLER INSTINCT is the only thing that we have been missing in this program, and we could have folded our tents when it was 31-0 BAMA. We rose up like the big-hearted GEORGIAns that we are y’all. WE BAD ASS and all we have to do is believe it. Don’t believe the HYPE, be the hype. The National Championship is in our sights. Nothing is lost. Every SEC team besides one has been beaten, and if we win out we will get to redeem ourselves against them big time, in prime time, in Han “The Culture King” Vance’s hometown. Now that’s A-town stompin’. Watch the penalties Dawgs while I say Fuck the Rules and cuss as damn much as I please. Fuck you Fat Phil. Swallow that. And by the way Bayou Bengals, you would have been the third best team in the SEC East last season. Florida has beaten you badly twice in a row and so have we. Florida, Florida, Florida. We play a once beaten salty Vanderbilt Commodores’ team for Homecoming in the Classic City, then we go down on the Bayou for a Classic match-up…and then it is the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. If you don’t have a pulse…Find one, Get one, Wake up. For He is risen and it is Sunday morn in the Deep South, babies…it is 3: 30 A.M. and God is Good, and I am way, way ahead of schedule. Did I mention that I like the fall, y’all. And for my dear Tennessee friends, I must say one more thing about the saps that follow and comprise that program: UT – put a fork in them. They are done.