Falling Down

Found a muse…Lost her…Dating again.

Last year we were struggling against Vandy again. It was the type of afternoon that has given them the notion that they could eventually have a season like the half-season they have had so far this year. We were being outplayed in Nashville and they were going for back-to-back wins against our far superior program. In SEC academics, Vandy is one and Georgia is two. In SEC football, Georgia is at or near one and Vandy is usually at or near twelve. Not this year. They are nationally ranked and are in first place in the SEC East, and we have struggled with them for years while winning all recent contests except for that game two years ago. Vandy is not our pretty little smart well-dressed Homecoming date anymore – she came to kick our ass this year. Will she?

I think of last year’s game as allegory for my life. See I had a falling down before. And Georgia had fallen flat on our faces last year versus the University of Tennessee too. As Larry Munson would say: “They crushed our face.”

But we did not go quietly into the night. We played yet another poor first half against Vandy, and then found a way to win. Did it require heart and luck and try? All successes do. We never lost again until BAMA this year. Bama, Bama, Bama. We must win this game if we intend to rematch with them for the SEC Title because if we lose this game there is no way we will have the confidence to survive the next two games. At LSU down on the bayou and AT Florida in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

I could have stayed down. The Dawgs could have stayed down. Hell, we all having a falling down or two, but what tests our divine heart is those very times. That is when character is built and you can be re-born. You can reinvent yourself in God’s glory. That is what we did last season. That is what I did, too. I have played a poor half a time or two since then myself, but I have dusted myself off and risen up and tried, tried, tried…And all Glory to God: I AM A SUCCESS!!!  I have two websites, a new novel, a poetry award and a pretty little smart well-dressed Homecoming date to prove it. Play like champions, Saturday, Dawgs and we may be on our way to becoming them.

I will be around the Speech Communication building (T-Hall, 2nd building on North Campus on the left) handing out www.bighairyblawg.com business cards and then tailgating with the gang on East Campus and then sitting in free seats on the sun side lower 103. Look for me, y’all.

Mark Johnson is one damn good Dawg, and I want him to read this and know how much he and his family have meant to me. You have meant the world to me, buddy. Highs and low, low, lows together that I’ll never forget. (RIP Jeff Childers)

HAN is Going to the Game!!!