Classic City Homecoming

It was Saturday, in Athens, and that meant football to me. I had a walk around town and campus and only a couple of adult beverages before heading to my seats. I just don’t party like I once did. Big up to Jonathon for the laughs. My pretty date and I sat in section 103 with some true Dawgs’ fans and watched a steady yet non-spectacular performance by GEORGIA. Moreno was the primary difference in these two teams, battling for first place in the SEC East. Vandy was not way outmatched this season – they simply had no answer for Knowhson’s 172 yards, gained mostly in 10 and 15 yard gashes. It was a lovely silver and red pom-pom dream of an afternoon in the breezy, sunny and shady air of that drained river valley. I got some sun and felt the presence of the one and enjoyed most the color, the sound, the folks in the stands. Nice to hear the one hundred year old “Red-and-Black March” at half-time., nice to get the win. “Tough loss,” is what one Vandy man said to me after the game, and I was thinking: they should really be proud of what they have going this season. They will get that needed win for the first bowl game in forever. Kudos to them. After, it was great to run a few routes and snag a few balls on Herty Field on the way out, and I saw three of my good Marietta/Athens bros.: Coach Eller on the way in and Dave and Mike on the way out. LSU is not Vandy. Florida is not Vandy. The next two teams we play are beyond steady. They are explosive and dangerous and expect to beat us. Win the Florida game and we will probably end up SEC East champs. The Cocktail Party is a must win game. Win both and we are on our way to the top…Or we could lose both and flop. Rise up, DAWGS!!!

Special thanks to the fine folks at “Five Star Day Cafe” on Broad Street for the sponsorship.