In The Year Of The Gunslinger

Up On The Bayou

We Played Up, As

Steak On 790 The Zone

Had Predicted We Would

Nice Pick, Steaky

Both Offenses Scored Thirty-Eight Points

And The Difference Was Two Touchdown

Returns On Interceptions By

Gamble. The First

Play From Scrimmage

Saw Gamble To The House

Late, Saw Gamble To The House

Otherwise, We Got

Smacked By A Purple And Gold Machine

As A Team, We Absorbed The Blows

And Played With A Lead

The Whole Game. It

Was A Stellar Offensive Performance

By Stafford – 2 passing and 1 rushing TD – And

Moreno The Great Was MVP, Plus Green

And A Cast Of Offensive Talent

That Now Includes 3 Fullbacks And 6 Wide Receivers

Green Shines Atop SEC Receivers

Moreno Shines Atop SEC Runners

And While Stafford Is Playing His Most Complete Season

What Can Best Be Stated Of Him Is This:

Stafford Plays Against Tim Tebow This Weekend 

Big Game, Big Matchup

The Difference

We’ve Got MORENO


PLUS: Tripp Chandler and Dannell Ellerbe should be back from injuries this week. But On The Real: Keep an eye On Brannan “WHITESTUFF” Southerland if you want to watch mastery of a position. He is the most complete short-yardage runner, blocker, pass catcher, playmaker of any fullback in Georgia history. We need another big game from him this week in the Cocktail Party…Ah, the Cocktail Party…