Worst D, Best O

Just does not make sense that the athletes on our defense are playing as collectively poorly as they are. The Tech game looks like it may be a shootout after the problems we had at Kentucky, in J-Ville, at Baton Rouge. If we can’t stop inept Auburn, we can stop no one, and Tech runs the ball very well. I predict, we win both and the damn Capital One Bowl on New Year’s Day against Ohio State.

Realistically, when you look at the schedule and see at LSU and Florida in J-Ville in back-to-back weeks, you should realize that the probability says you lose one of those games. The thing is, we had already dropped a game, a game in which we trailed 31-0. And until we fix our Florida problem – like we did last year and are capable of doing – we can not take that last huge step as a program.

Our offense has been generally stellar, yet inopportunistic when it mattered most. Knowshon, Green, Massaquoi, Stafford and Southerland represent the fire power. I say we outscore the rest of the teams we play and still leave with a bad taste for next year…and go after the SEC Title in 2009, instead of the elusive mythical National Title.

Big Question: Does Willie Martinez get fired this offseason?

Bigger Question: Does Stafford return or is it the Joe Cox show??

Biggest Question: Does Moreno return for his Redshirt Junior Season???