Sister School Worries

Auburn and Georgia is the Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South, first played in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This series is traditionally very, very close, yet GEORGIA has seemingly turned the corner by winning four of the last six. Funny things happen in this series – which is what scares me. We beat them bad last year on our way to a number two national finish. It was BLACKOUT and intense and they turned it over and could not stop us. The year prior, they were number five in the country and we were struggling coming in. They turned it over and did not stop us and we righted the ship. Ah, the ship. The ship scares me, see, Auburn is having a rare down year. They have been inept on offense, but our defense has been Swiss Cheese. They are very solid on defense, and the strength of our team is clearly our skill people. They match up well enough, and funny bounces and upsets of a blowout nature have been seen repeatedly in this series. Do not chalk it up in the win column yet, and should we happen to lose – and they are past due for a big win – the program will be in big trouble. Win this game or take another major step back. Our sister school may be down but they have talent. They are not the Sisters of the Poor. They were preseason Top 10, until Tommy’s annual coordinator blaming and shuffling finally caught up to him. He wants to save their program by beating Georgia and Auburn and damn near needs to beat at least one of the aforementioned to save his job. Bama is number one in the country and has an unrivaled bloodthirst for Auburn. He knows his best shot is this game, and we have flirted with being upset and have not shown killer instinct. Point blank: I am worried about this game a bit…That said, I do predict we win. After all the hype, can we play like the Top 10 program we are?