Ranking Our Rivals

1. Florida – We Have Dropped Three Of Five…Which Is Improvement Of Late

2. Tech – Peach State Debate

3. Auburn – South’s Oldest Rivalry Is Among Sister Schools

4. Tennessee – Border Battle In SEC East

5. S. Carolina – They Got The Ol’ Ballcoach

6. LSU – Other SEC Team With Best Recent Year Records

7. Bama – Could Be So Much Bigger If We Played Regularly

8. Clemson – History And Geography (Clemson closer to Athens than Tech campus is)

9. Wisconsin/Purdue/Virginia (tie) – Multiple Bowl Opponents

10. Ohio State – We Hate Them Because We Just Do

Our recent record and how we compare to all of these programs is favorable, with the glaring exception being Florida. Although we have won more games than them in the past five years, they have won 3 of 5 against us…and if you extend the recent history – while ignoring all history like johnny-come-lately Gator fans oft do – it is so much worse. For the record: WE ARE THE HISTORICALLY STRONGER PROGRAM.

Upcoming: We have won four of six versus Auburn and not lost to Tech in my children’s lifetimes