Looks Like a Shootout

But of late these games have been defensive punt-fests punctuated by the DAWGS winning each time. It is game week, today, baby, and don’t think that the Jak-Its even have a calendar to circle the date. After all, they are just number geeks, nothing more. And their calendar reads 365 DAWGS. No need for us to worry or¬†change when we OWN that ass, Tech. But you are bringing two things to ATHENS this time: 1. a hot offense 2. a winning attitude. Last time our offense was really good, we beat you by around 50. The difference this time is that you have an offense, too, and our D has been suspect at best. You won’t be stopping us, but will we be stopping you enough to win the game??? Richt has NEVER lost to you. Not at FSU. Not at UGA. Trend says: DAWGS WIN.