2008.1: Spring Football

First things first: God is good. God Bless and Glory to Ol’ Georgia. Pretty nice rebuilding year last year was it not. Number 2 in one poll after LSUcks and number 3 in another behind them again and USC (no not you, Chickens – you went .500). We would have been favored to win a playoff. There are no playoffs. We play LSU this year, maybe twice.

I just joined a team last night and will be playing this spring, so you will see me in the end zone, over the middle running slants, on the out, etc. I may just add the “d” to the end of my first name…I am that good at receiver. YOU can’t cover me (period).

G-Day is April 5th at 2 pm in the Classic City on the campus of the Nation’s Oldest State Chartered Public University. Nice chance to sit on the shade side for the “other half.”

On Special Teams: Brian Mimbs will punt – not very often we hope. A new kicker arrives in the fall. He aint no Coutu yall, but he needs to play very well for us to do what I think we can do this year: WIN IT ALL!!!

On Offense: Matthew Stafford is a junior; time to shine, gunner. Moreno is a sophomore who sat out a year. He will be SEC player of the year instead of Tebow this year and will be headed for the pros. That is one huge reason that 2008 is the date. Caleb King is a Reggie Bush-like athlete that sat out last season. He plays this year a whole lot, but we learned the beauty of feature back, finally, again, last year. We Knowshon! Receiver is a little tougher to figure. Only Mohammed Massaqui returns as far as solid producers go. He will be a senior. Kris Durham is tall and dependable. I trust none of the rest and incoming freshman AJ Green may be our best. We may miss Sean Bailey’s leadership and solid play and Mikey could really stretch the field and is gone too. Tripp Chandler is a senior Tight End that stunk up the first half of the year and then turned it on and played well. Brannan “WHITESTUFF” Southerland is a simply awesome fullback entering his senior year. The line will all be underclassmen, and we must pray for no meltdowns. (Tennessee was not so good last year.) Vince Vance is like a big, black VAN at one Tackle and Trinton Sturdivant is also huge at the other. Chris Davis slides over to Center from Guard, replaced by Kiante Tripp. Clint Boling is back at the other Guard spot. The line and receivers’ production are the absolute keys to us doing what I think we can do this year.

On Defense: Roderick Battle and Jeremy Lomax are back at Defensive End and have to prove they can get it done or they will lose playing time to Wynn, Dobbs and Lemon among others. Geno Atkins is a great D-Tackle and Jeff Owens and Kade Weston are pretty good ones. They rotate and are upper classmen with experience. Dannell Ellerbe is a senior in the Middle who makes plays, and he will be flanked by the speedster, sophomore Rennie Curran. The other Outside Backer is a sophomore named Akeem – his last name is DENT. Asher Allen and Prince Miller are solid, speedy junior Cornerbacks. Reshad Jones is an athletic sophomore Safety who reminds me of Sean Jones. CJ Byrd is on a wire and back for his senior campaign at the other Safety spot. Our defense is solid enough for us to do what I think we can do this year.

2008 is the date…GO DAWGS!!!