The Program

GEORGIA finished ranked in the top ten (10th) in the USA Today final college football poll and was number thirteen in the AP poll. When I gauge the landscape, the program is in great shape with Coach Richt having won ten games in six of the past seven years. We have also won ten of twelve bowls in twelve straight seasons. As per usual, they came after our assistant coaches with offers. Luckily, they all stayed put and we have the most continuity of any program in the SEC. With the departures of Tubberville and Fulmer, Richt is the senior coach of tenure in conference. Accomplishments include two SEC titles, a number three national ranking (13-1) and a number two national ranking (11-2). The quest for perfection continues without Stafford and Moreno next season; they leave school without having won the SEC East. Fifth-year senior Joe Cox takes the hotseat from Stafford and must avoid the pratfalls of pressure that forced Stafford to take over early for Joe Tereshinski III. Aaron Murray is the true frosh with all the talent this time. I predict that Cox will play very well – more Shockley than JTIII. The Defense should be way improved, which is the only possible scenario for Willie Martinez to survive another season as coordintaor. The O-line should have some maturity and continuity. My points of concern are three: 1. The running game without Moreno, 2. The lack of discipline we showed, 3. The Gators coming off two-of-three National Titles with Tebow coming back; we could be the second best team in the country and still not win the SEC East.