Saturday…IN ATHENS


What could be finer? And them Diamond Dawgs are number one after finishing a National Number 2. On the heels of our FOOTBALL National #2, we dropped three games, a bunch in big, bigtime college ball. We dropped three and consider it a bunch, my hunch: that makes us one of the tip top programs in the country. We have finished #3; we have finished #2. There is only one goal unchecked on the Richt list. 


Joe Cox seems a solid answer at QB with AJ Green back for his second season – He led the SEC in grabs last year!!! The edge on D is focus again, where penalty must be replaced with production. Hit harder, interfere less, tackle better and we can be okay there. The questions remain overall, especially in the running game where Caleb King takes over for Uber-stud MORENO. Just thinking, but the best overall athletes in the state over the years have usually been the running backs at GEORGIA: Herchel, Moreno, Hearst, Hampton, Davis, Edwards to name a few. Moreno was our second best runner, ever.