What if?

Picture yourself not at work today in a cubicle. Think of a drained river valley instead, a stadium, let’s say. STADIUM LIGHTS, CROWD NOISE, STADIUM LIGHTS, CROWD NOISE. Instead of a rainy wednesday…It’s Saturday Night, in Athens, and the autumnal chill has nothing on you – Pulsing to a beat like GEORGIA is putting on Tennessee. Lil Dooley is drowning in sound: barking, laughing, Go Dawgsing and that 3-4 defense has no holes. The smackdown, payback, butt-kick is on in full and we are whipping the big orange the way we know how. PICTURE THIS because it will be reality for you. Get the picture, you guys….Now get back to work.

FUN FACT: Lil Dooley had a losing record as a Head Coach at LA Tech