CLEMSON-DAWGS spring game talk brings flood

Memories of Beating Clemson:

1. Nirvana was in ATHENS at the 40 Watt that night, and it was my only chance to ever see them play. But it was in competition with a highly-ranked Clemson (I think they were #12) vs. GEORGIA game. Zeier, Hastings and especially Garrison Hearst ruled the field in what at the time was a very rare night game ‘Tween the Hedges. They defeated not only Clemmy but also Kurt Cobain in a personal battle for my entertainment dollar. My funny as heck roommate Boggs (BIG UP!) had a high school friend from DC in town. We started the day buying Bread Basket biscuits and acting so nice and ended it barking in this dude’s poor face – see he was enrolled at Clemson at the time. Spit and bits of old stadium dog may have flown. The bourbon definitely did. We went and had a big year.

2. My friend Rachel G. (BIG UP!) had a graphic T-shirt with two generations of scrawny farmers that said: CLEM and CLEM SON. And they don’t exactly dress well in rural S.Carolina, so DAWGS WIN!!!

3. Punter Wynn Kopf had transferred to Clemson and Chris Round (BIG UP!) let me sit with him on the front row of the DAWG POUND end zone, and in exchange I let him crash in my Holiday Inn Express room, where my wife and small child safely watched the game. It was night again, and these really pretty and wild South Georgia girls partied super hard behind us. Problem was David Greene had a bad game – his happy feet footwork was deplorable that night. It was uniquely quiet for a moment as Wynn prepared to punt. Plain as day, I sailed the comment through the air: “Hey Wynn…You’re gonna lose.” He agreed and muffed the snap. My section loved me. Shockley ran in his first touchdown at UGA, and we pulled out a tight win and went on to a very big year.

4. Georgia was rebuilding that next season, and the rabid hicks that support Clemson yelled through the heat and humidity of a big home day game for them. Season opener. “They don’t understand our depth,” I told my brother Johnny Vance (BIG UP!). Thomas Davis imploded their QB, and we blanked them. It was an ugly beat down.