Can 3-4 Cover GEORGIA’s Problems

We have had so many dope skill position athletes at GEORGIA since I started school there in 1990: Hines Ward, Knowshon Moreno, Garrison Hearst, Matthew Stafford, Andre Hastings, David Greene, AJ Green, Eric Zeier, the Edwards brothers, Ben Watson, Champ Bailey – Who else fondly remembers Champ Bailey running those tunnel screens to perfection as our leading receiver that season? We’ve had great players like NFL MVP Terrell Davis come off our bench, at GEORGIA. And we’ve had our fair share of defensive studs too – like the otherworldly David Pollack, the destructive Thomas Davis, the aforementioned speedy Champ. And we’ve had some successful offensive brutes at UGA, like the Stinchcomb brothers.

But what we’ve been far and away the most successful with at GEORGIA is the skill athlete category. Historically at UGA, our linebackers are similar type athletes as another group of truly-athletic players, our great running backs. Speedy, strong linebackers often perform best in a 3-4, where four linebackers can blanket a football field if the three large men up front can hold their own and clog lanes. We have enough size up front at GEORGIA for this to work – our defensive tackles have been strong and huge for years. We are all so sick of seeing the flat wide open to the opposition’s offenses at GEORGIA. We’ve seen it for years and had enough as a fan base.¬†Luckily, we have the athletes to fix our glaring defensive problems.

Remember: Coaches coach, players make plays, athletes win games, programs draw athletes, speed kills …

and Defense Wins Championships!