The Real Chris Boggs is a DAWG!

I recently came into awareness of an impostor. Of all things, this other Chris Boggs is a Tech writer, for the AJC. No, he doesn’t write about technology – he writes about the wimpy North Avenue Trade School Yellow Jack-its.

The real Chris Boggs was brave enough to be my roommate in multiple old homes in the Classic City (ATHENS, GA). Had I not moved in with my girlfriend at the time, Tiffany Shineman, Boggs and I may still be partying in Athens together to this day, eternal undergrads at UGA. Unlikely, but you never really know when the party will end … until it does.

BOGGS was a “D.C diplomat brat” who followed his really cool stepbrother, Will DuPont, down South to the mecca of all college towns. Over the years, I probably went to more GEORGIA games with Boggs than any single person, with the possible exception being my fellow alum brother, Johnny Vance. And I’ve been to literally hundreds of DAWGS’ games in Athens, Atlanta, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. (BTW: F, Florida)

Chris Boggs moved to sunny San Diego to join the Marines after GEORGIA and met a great girl whom he eventually married. Meanwhile, I was busy dancing to the Orlando sound in ’95; cruising in my convertible through The ATL for the Centennial Olympics (not an officially sanctioned sport, yet); returning to UGA to actually study hard this time and ending up a Presidential Scholar on the National Dean’s List; and moving back to Greater Atlanta (Marietta, then Decatur, then Marietta) to work in the glamorous parking and transportation industry, get married and raise a family.

The real BOGGS is now a happily-married dad, residing in Cleveland, Ohio and working as one of America’s premier search engine specialists. I’m now an in-town ATL-based, happily-divorced dad, working as an author-journalist-poet. Times have changed and we have grown up, I reckon. But not so much that when the DAWGS are ruling we won’t get as loud and obnoxious as any third year sophomores at UGA ever did. Boggs is a champion.

Here’s hoping the real Chris Boggs can make a game in ATHENS this season, while the other Chris Boggs is forced to write about being a fan of the second best college football team in a state with only two major programs.