I Can Almost Taste It

Y’all, I can almost taste the bourbon and coke. I can almost smell that sweet, yet stale waft of booze and sweat. I can almost see thousands of beautiful UGA young ladies in their perfect silver-red-black-white. And it feels right. The sun is present, and the breeze is a present. The upper deck, the fourth, has been relegated to a section for losers, since our fans now refuse to let us lose at home.

Think the Miami Hurricanes in the 1980s, think about who Nebraska was after that. A big red machine rolling down a track. Bloody masses of Tennessee Vols on their backs – like an all out war uncivil, because we’ve developed a new attitude of greatness. I can almost feel it. Here the hits. The sounds of that bell that means…VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY. I’m bouncing, cheering, laughing, Go Dawgsing, already, in my mind, and even the total lameness of the shade side, people whom I see way too often quietly sitting at an SEC football game, they can no longer hold us back from being what we have become: an actively rabid fan base that gets truly loud for its team throughout every home game regardless of situation.

Sad fact: We still have a long way to come as home fans to catch LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Bama.

The team needs You!

I can almost taste how pumped we have to be to give GEORGIA what it deserves, a true home field advantage. I can almost taste it.

Scrimmage two is saturday, and G-Day is the following saturday at 2 pm. And then after a long, hot Southern summer: IT WILL BE SATURDAY … IN ATHENS!

If we are to be SEC champions this season, the team really needs You!