DAWGS vs “Footie”

With the World Cup underway in South Africa – a solid summer diversion until American college football season starts and the DAWGS hit the field ‘Tween the Hedges – I thought it would be interesting to compare the international “beautiful game” with the Red-and-Black glory which is UGA DAWGS football.

Though there is some debate, the English claim to have invented what they sometimes call “footie” and definitely made up most of the rules. Soccer is an ancient game, played the world over (by men the average size of SEC punters).

The University of Georgia is the oldest state chartered public university, founded way back in 1785, by “Yaleys.” American football was also invented by Ivy Leaguers in 1867 and first played at UGA on January 25, 1892. Later that year, GEORGIA-Auburn played the first game in the Deep South at Piedmont Park in The ATL.

The first international soccer match was played only twenty years earlier, a nil-nil draw between England and Scotland (1872). The USA won the first-ever World Cup match 3-0 over Belgium in 1930 and finished third overall that cup.

A mere twelve years later, UGA won the 1942 National Championship, our first of only two. 1980 is the only undisputed National Championship in UGA history.

Soccer hooligans are rowdy and sometimes malicious. SEC fans are rowdy and sometimes malicious. Soccer stadiums are packed with around 100,000 fans. Sanford Stadium is packed with almost 100,000 fans.

Soccer: Huge internationally.

UGA Football: It’s a really big deal around here.