Big Time

Let’s get this, Dawgs. We have been pushed around far too long by Florida, and Tennessee has taken back control of that series in a major way. We have been humbled in big games at home. And now we trot out a redshirt freshman quarterback – to lead 10 returning starters. That is where the strength of this team lies. Washaun Ealey can be the dominant runner in the SEC for the next few seasons if he simply holds to the form he has shown so far as a player. Caleb King is gelling into the player we hoped for at UGA after some mighty early struggles to grasp big time college football. And that’s what this is: BIG TIME. AJ Green is as big time as it gets in college athletics. When you have played two seasons and everyone considers you ready for the pros, that is big time.

The line is back, the tight ends are back, the fullbacks are back…and so is the defense. How well we hold up on D is how well we will ultimately be able to do as a football team this year, Dawgs fans. And let’s face it, we haven’t been very good there since Brian Van Gorder left. Grantham’s guys will have some bend moments. Here’s hoping they don’t break too often, because our offense has some real potential to be explosive and control the clock if Murray can complete 3rd down passes when necessary. Our ground game will move the chains.

GEORGIA football is nationally relevant, having the longest-tenured coach in the best college football conference in the world. We finished # 10 two years ago; #2 the year before that. We had a #3 national finish under Richt as well; he has two SEC rings. We are 10-2 in bowls of late. We play in big games. Coach Richt has a good winning percentage and an incredible road game winning percentage.

But we desperately need to start winning more big national games. 2010 is a new decade, and I’m calling for GEORGIA to beat Florida this year at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. We need to and can get more of a home field advantage built by consistently pulling out home games – Arkansas will be a big one early for us; Tennessee is a must-win. Win out at home, take Jacksonville, and we are looking like a major contender in the SEC East. As the SEC title is settled in the GA Dome, we will have a chance to win that game anytime that we qualify for it. Of the three championships that Richt coached teams have played for, UGA is 2-1 and the only loss was to an eventual national champion. We have not had two down years since Richt has been at UGA, and his biggest seasons came after down seasons. We are coming off an 8-5 season and looking up.

We are playing for 9 out of 10 state championships, as the bees must travel to ATHENS, GA, which as you know, is in Georgia. Speaking of winning, the South’s Oldest Rivalry can be evened with a win On the Plains this season, which would be our fifth straight over the War dumb Eagles.

Here’s the goal: Continue to dominate Tech, S. Carolina and Auburn locally. Take back series momentum from what looks to be a down UT team in Athens. Survive Arkansas at home. Continue to win road games. Beat the teams we are supposed to beat. And the biggie: Beat Florida and win the SEC East. If we do that, all else will play itself out like it always does in college football (with a bunch of talking and naysaying and voting). We can have a big season, if we put the pieces together.