UGA is Number One

The Princeton Review annually ranks “party schools,” and they got it right this year. The University of Georgia is the number one party school in the United States. I’m damn proud to earn this recognition as an alum and UGA Presidential Scholar. Destroying our reputation as the great party school that we are and always will be should never be an agenda item for the administration of the nation’s oldest state chartered university. College is about relatively few things for most: studying, partying, sports, girls, friends, family, food – those were my top seven (not in that order). I partied in Athens as a high school sophomore, and then chose to go to school there. Thing is, ATHENS, GA is a music epicenter (Of Montreal is the current best), a cheap food epicenter (Five Star Day is the current best), a bubbled cultural epicenter of the great green South. And don’t underscore the fact that the fastest growing civilization in the history of mankind and only truly major urban forest is an hour up the road. When you look at the sphere of US cultural history, the obfuscating of the South’s place as a core of cultural influence is worse than ridiculous. Take your NYC media and Hollywood tinseltown triumphs and stick them up your pretentious yankee and far west… Because we don’t pretend to be New York or Los Angeles down here, nor BAMA or Florida around here. We are certainly better. We are the best: the number one party school in the world! Taste our triumph.