Fullback Force

The versatility of our offense at UGA this season will hinge on the force and finesse contributed from our two dominant fullbacks. Perhaps the most unheralded of all so-called skill positions, fullbacks may not score often – but they make touchdowns. Wham blocking, creating holes, taking on the oppositions toughest defenders. Catching passes, running in short yardage situations, creating effective decoys. A great fullback can add many of the little things that add up and have a huge impact on a game, a season. Seniors Shaun Chapas and Fred Munzenmaier are both physically gifted hard nosed blockers, each with enough grace to contribute with the ball in their hands when called upon to do so. I think UGA will have major offensive successes this season, and that will happen in large part due to the sadly overlooked contributions of these two. Don’t sleep on our fullback force.