Toughest games for UGA this season:

Should we reach a BCS Bowl, that may create our toughest matchup; hard to say without a crystal ball. The conference itself looks wide open this season with the defensive exodus at Bama and impending identity crisis at Florida. Should we reach the SEC Title, that very well may pose our most difficult challenge, as the SEC West looks unusually strong and balanced.

1. @Florida – We’ve dropped 17 of 20 to them and still lead “neutral” series.

2. @Auburn – We’ve won 4 straight in notably tight old series.

3. Tech – Can we beat the ACC champ Jackets 9 of 10 times?

4. @Carolina – Tough early road test for Murray against improved squad.

5. Arkansas – Most explosive offense in SEC comes to Athens; bad defense.

6. @Mississippi State – Real DAWGS roll through Starkville for a test.

7. Tennessee – Youngest team in the country is owed a huge beat down.

8. @Kentucky – Big blue has talent and will be at home. Payback factor.

9. @Colorado – Not nearly the talent we expected when scheduling this trip.

10. Vanderbilt – Homecoming looks like an easy enough win.

11. Idaho State – Vandals will be victimized ‘Tween the Hedges.

12. Louisiana-Lafayette – Cajuns won’t be ragin’ in Classic City.