Conservative Game Plan Fails

Why Georgia why? We have a head coach with a 4-1 record in Columbia. During those four tough DAWGS wins and now one ugly loss, we have scored a total of four offensive touchdowns. Trailing 14-6, Washaun Ealey dropped the rock on the Carolina three. They took over, and we never challenged offensively again. Conservative play calling and a seeming lack of explosive offensive options led to our first defeat at Carolina in the Richt era and Spurrier’s overall second win against Georgia since he took over there.

NOTE TO STAFF: Touchdowns win games. Murray played a complete game without making any egregious errors, and we held them to 17 points…and lost because we did not make it happen on offense. They clearly have their most talented team, yet we did nothing to challenge them. Garcia and Murray each refused to make big mistakes at QB – although Justin Houston was so utterly un-blockable that it reminded me of shark week and did force one fumble. The difference in the game was not that they ran the ball well with their freshman. He was great but credit Grantham’s D with some big plays and a low total score. We simply did not score enough points to beat anyone.

When you are in the redzone – as we were three times – you must regularly convert. Yet Bobo’s play calling down there was pathetically soft and eventually got us beat. We are 0-1 in the SEC East and still in contention because the division is somewhat down this year. If we can rebound from this we have hope. Explosive Arkansas comes to the Classic City next week in a must-win for GEORGIA ‘Tween the Hedges.