Looking at Division Schedules…Already

Thing about an early loss is: if you are going to drop a game, the most-recoverable games to lose in college football are definitely the earliest. You can recover and you know where you stand. We are currently last in the East.

Our primary initial goal is to win the SEC East this season. We may drop another conference game at some point in our rigorous SEC schedule, and we don’t own the Carolina-UGA tie-breaker this year. So we need S. Carolina to drop two games at least and may need them to drop three by season end. Cocky plays: @Auburn, vs. BAMA, vs. Tennessee, vs. Arkansas, @Florida. I see them dropping three of those games.

We must avoid being upset by inferior competition the rest of this season and also must beat traditional SEC East powers Florida and Tennessee head-to-head, and both look more beatable than usual.

Florida plays @Tennessee this weekend and also @BAMA, VS. LSU, vs. S. Carolina. I see them dropping at least one of those last three games I mentioned. While if Tennessee wins Saturday at home versus Florida, they are suddenly an East contender. UT also plays: @LSU, vs. BAMA, @ S. Carolina. They look like a very young squad that will have multiple conference losses by seasons end.

Should this forecast play out in ways that look quite likely, UGA could actually afford to drop one more conference game total and still eventually play for the SEC Title (that loss just can’t come against Florida). @Auburn looks tough to finish out the conference year, with Cam Newton playing so well.

But even another early season DAWGS loss out of division, to upcoming opponents Arkansas or Miss State, would not immediately put us out of the running for The ATL.

Except for the fact that at 1-2 or 2-2, would we really have enough team confidence to still have a big year? That is why this week is a must-win ‘Tween the Hedges. And we have beaten Arkansas the last six times we’ve played them.