Devalued Series Still Matters

It’s Saturday…in Athens, and GEORGIA-tennessee is on today at 12:21 pm. An inauspicious time, for a suddenly devalued series. Both programs have been nationally relevant relatively recently and are winless in the conference.

GEORGIA was once a program on the rise that couldn’t get over the Big Orange hurdles of Tennessee and Florida. We dropped nine games in a row to UT over eleven seasons. Then Coach Jim Donnan – it should be noted that he never struggled as roughly as Richt is right now as a leader – finally broke through. I was there, standing above my first non-student season tickets, there in my elevated state, screaming at the top of my volume for the program. And we flipped the script on the series, even as we changed football coaches. We kept beating UT annually and it felt really good, after what they’d done to us for so long.

Then for a stretch of seasons, we were clearly a better program than them, they had fallen some while we had risen to national prominence. They pulled out one victory against us, while David Greene struggled with a rare poor game played with happy feet in the pocket. They started beating us again, in this series of streaks and momentum, not every year, but more years than most. And even as we later peaked at an eventual national number two, in Knoxville we were generally toast. And they’ve won in Athens. In fact, although UGA has been overall stronger record-wise, UT has currently won four of six versus our beloved Dawgs.

We are playing at home today and desperate for a win after dropping three road games late and a home heartbreaker against Arkansas. It’s time to get up and fight. It’s time to establish a new home identity. It’s time to win. GO DAWGS!