East Tiebreaker Formula: Chance At SEC Title

What had to happen, happened as Florida faced an identity crisis this season resulting in two losses before they have played us, as I predicted. Tim Tebow ain’t walking through the door in Gainesville and moreover won’t play in Jacksonville this season, where he was 2-1 against us as a starting quarterback.

And BAMA has fallen, as I predicted they would here due to heavy offseason defensive personnel losses. We could have used a BAMA victory versus Carolina in Columbia but Carolina still has some tough games left to play.

Interestingly, if GEORGIA beats Florida in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party this season, UGA would also need UF to win each of the rest of their SEC games this season. Stop routing (when they don’t play versus UGA that is) against them until the regular season has played out, because we need them for a three-way tiebreaker with Carolina.

Florida, Carolina and Georgia could tie for the SEC East title, if GEORGIA beats Florida and Florida beats S.Carolina in the Swamp. As long as UGA and UF drop no other conference games and Carolina also loses either at home versus Arkansas or Tennessee or on the road at Kentucky or Vandy, each squad would have three SEC losses. Divisional records may be equal with two of each of the three team’s probable losses coming from Western Division SEC teams. But the tiebreaker would be scheduled by ranking at that point, and UGA would have the extra out of conference loss but would by far and away be the hottest-playing team. I think we’d get the vote, if we won out.